I Am Nick The

I specialize in web design and software development.

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I specialize In

Software design as well as creating clean digital and UI/UX layouts for websites and mobile applications


Concepting is the key step to bringing ideas to life. A good concept is one that can be expressed and presented. A visual representation will make it much more easily understood.


Clean and responsive user interactions leads to positive customer experiences. This in turn increases customer retention and boost engagement.

Visual Design

Modern internet experiences are driven by digital designs. Clean, sleek and visually appealing website designs will help establish your online presence.


The world depends on software and software engineers. The internet is one of the fast growing spaces where software development takes place.

My Creative Process

All of my UI/UX and design projects are based off of a practiced formula to get the result that I am looking for.


Discuss The Project

I will ask questions to help me understand what your goals are. This will help me form a clear picture of the concepts and designs involved in bringing your idea to life.


Brainstorming & Concept

Based on the information in our discussions, I will start organizing the concepts and brainstorming the themes of the project.


UI/UX Planning

I will create prototypes based on the discussions we have. I will then send you the prototypes so that I can receive your feedback.



Finally, I will build the project until it is completed. The finished work is shown for approval and then delivered.